Over 30 years of service in law  enforcement  and military

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Meet Sheriff Nehls


Sheriff Troy Nehls has dedicated his life to service, something his father, a Korean War veteran and Distinguished Service Cross recipient, taught him from a young age. At 19, Troy enlisted in the U.S. Army reserve where he served the next 21 years. He led troops into combat and managed multi-million projects on deployments in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He retired from the Army with the rank of Major and as the recipient of two Bronze Star medals. Back home, Troy continued his service through law enforcement. 

In 1994, Troy began his law enforcement service with Fort Bend ISD. He has spent the two decades since serving Fort Bend County in various law enforcement roles. From 2004 to 2012, he served two terms as the elected Constable for Ft. Bend County Pct. 4. After two successful terms as Constable, Troy was elected as Fort Bend County Sheriff in 2012. He won re-election as Sheriff in 2016 and will complete his second four-year term in December 2020.

In his 8 years as Sheriff, Troy has maintained his fiscal conservative principles of doing more with less, while managing the 826 staff and $79 million budget of the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office. He instituted cutting edge recidivism reduction programs like HVAC and welding training programs for non-violent Fort Bend County jail inmates, at no cost to taxpayers, so the inmates had job ready skills when they were released. He used his position as Sheriff to advocate increased awareness of mental illness, even hosting large seminars. He even took steps to start a specialized mental health unit at the Sheriff's Office who responds to mental health calls. 

Since taking over as Sheriff, crime is also down in Fort Bend County: 

- Burglaries are down 60%

- Aggravated assaults are down 27%

- Robberies are down 31%


His commitment to serving our communities goes beyond his official duties. During Hurricane Harvey, Sheriff Nehls didn't hide behind his desk. He was out on air boats rescuing pets still chained up, rescuing residents from homes and high water, and helping deliver feed to farmer's stranded cattle.

Troy comes from a long line of law enforcement family members with his father and two brothers also serving. His twin brother, Trever, holds the same Fort Bend County Constable position Troy once held.

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Outside of his role as Sheriff, Troy proudly volunteers for many local groups throughout Fort Bend County. He is the Chairman of the “Fort Bend Salutes America” Memorial Day ceremony, a life member and former Commander of VFW Post 3903 in Rosenberg, and member of the Sugar Land Exchange Club, to name a few.

Troy lives in Richmond with his wife, Jill, a 25 year educator and Principal of Bentley Elementary, their daughters, Jenna, Cambry, and Tori, and their four dogs, Archer, Lulu, Buddy, and Boo. They worship at Faith United Methodist in Richmond, Texas.


Sheriff Nehls protects and Serves our district


economy & jobs

COVID-19 has left millions of Americans unemployed and shuttered thousands of small businesses across the state. We must rebuild our economy as quickly as possible and get Americans back to work. We do that by ensuring small businesses have loans and the capital they need to sustain and rebuild in the aftermath of COVID-19, by reducing burdensome regulations, and by strengthening trade deals. I'm proudly endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Businesses because they know firsthand that I have what it takes to bring people together in Congress to deliver jobs and economy opportunity back to our great state. 


Protecting texas ENERGY & jobs

Hundreds of thousands of Texas jobs rely either directly or indirectly on the energy industry. Some in Congress are pushing for a complete ban on fossil fuels. This would be a travesty not only to Texas' economy but the entire country. We can be good stewards of our environment, ensure clear air and water, and protect energy jobs. In Congress, I will stand strong to protect our Texas energy industry and jobs. 


MEntal Illness

Mental illness is a serious issue in our country that does not get anywhere near the attention it demands. As Sheriff, I've seen firsthand the devastating impacts of suicides on families and communities. Going to the scenes of children, some as young as 10, who've taken their own lives is heartbreaking. Knowing that 20 US veterans take their lives each and every day is a national travesty. I've used my platform as Sheriff to advocate awareness of mental illness and even held a mental health summit which hundreds of people attended. In Congress, I will work to bring people together around destigmatizing mental illness, ensuring everyone has access to affordable mental health services, and educating our children and communities about the help that help exists.


criminal justice reform

As Sheriff, I've seen the human and monetary cost of high recidivism rates and our broken criminal justice system. That's why as Sheriff, I took action and instituted cutting edge recidivism reduction programs. At the Fort Bend County Jail, we offer HVAC and welding courses to non-violent inmates, at no cost to taxpayers, so the inmates have job ready skills when they're released. I am the only candidate in this race who's actually taken steps to reform our criminal justice system and I will take this experience to Congress and be a voice for criminal justice reform.



Our men and women in uniform risk life and limb in service to our country. We owe it to them to ensure they have adequate healthcare services when returning home. Dozens of veterans are committing suicide every day. That is completely unacceptable. We must provide veterans with access to the best mental and physical health services. We must also ensure the VA Healthcare system is running efficiently and serving all veterans who come through the door.



COVID-19 has underlined the need to ensure everyone in our country has access to affordable healthcare. As the father of three daughters, I know first hand how costly and confusing healthcare can be. There is no one size fits all approach for our healthcare needs. Americans prefer choices and that's why in Congress, I will work to increase healthcare offerings while protecting those with preexisting conditions, protecting Medicare and Social Security, protecting Medicaid, and protecting private insurance. We need more healthcare options, not less and that's what I'll work to build bipartisan support for.



I'm married to a 25 year educator and elementary school principal and I have three children who have been educated by public schools. I am a strong supporter of public education and know firsthand how blessed we are to have some of the best schools in the state in our local communities. I also know the struggles educators are facing with COVID-19 and distancing learning, my wife Jill shares stories with me every night. In Congress, I will always be a voice for public education and our educators.