Standing with President Trump

President Trump has delivered on his promises like no president in history. He promised conservative justices and we now have Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. He promised to secure the border and thousands of new miles of border wall are under construction. He promised a record economy and we're experiencing records in unemployment for every demographic. He promised to drain the swamp and the deep state has launched witch hunts to stop him. The President needs allies in Congress with experience putting government officials in their place and standing up to special interests. That's what I've done for eight years as Sheriff and what I'll continue to do in the swamp. I'll stand with President Trump to build the wall, deliver his America First agenda, drain the swamp, and Keep America Great!

Human Trafficking

As a father to three beautiful daughters and the husband to an elementary school principal, the safety and security of our communities is always my top priority. Human trafficking is an abhorrent evil and something that is a very real threat in Texas District 22. As Sheriff, I've taken extensive action to crack down on human trafficking by closing numerous illicit massage parlors in Fort Bend County, which are known by trafficking experts to be the number one venue for sex trafficking, establishing a local 24/7 hotline for reporting suspected trafficking activity, and requesting and receiving funding for two detectives who specialize in human trafficking investigations. In Congress, I will utilize my decades of law enforcement experience to combat it at a federal level and work to raise awareness of this global threat.


Our constitutional right to keep and bear arms is one of our most foundational freedoms. I'm 100% pro-2A, recieved the highest rating possible from NRA, I'm endorsed by Michael Berry who said "I'm supporting Sheriff Nehls because he's a gun nut; anti-gun control conservaitve", endorsed by NRA Board Member Leroy Sisco, endorsed by Radical Firearms, the largest independent gun manufacturer in Texas, Co-Owner Todd Richey,  and as Sheriff I famously told looters to stay out of Ft. Bend County because we believe in the 2nd Amendment and many of us are well armed, and they may leave in a body bag. In Congress, I will fight the gun grabbing socialists and always defend our constitutional right to defend ourselves and our loved ones. 


Border Security

The federal government has failed its constitutional obligation to secure our borders. As Sheriff of Fort Bend County, I've dealt firsthand with the problems caused by our open southern border, locking up over 2,500 criminal aliens and working with ICE to process them for deportation, but criminal illegals who have been deported time and time again keep making it back into our country and committing crime. It's time the federal government puts the American people first, builds the wall, ends sanctuary cities, and deports criminal aliens. As your next Congressman, I'll use my over 25 years law enforcement experience, eight years as Sheriff of Ft. Bend County, and 21 years of service in the US Army reserve to lead on this issue. I'll fight to secure the border, finish President Trump's wall, deport criminal aliens, and end sanctuary cities.


National Debt

The federal government continues to kick the can down the road on our national debt. We're now over $25 trillion in debt and growing everyday. Foreign governments own trillions of dollars of our debt. This is not only a fiscal crisis but a national security one as well. We're selling out our children's future. As the father of three daughters and your next Congressman, I will not tolerate the irresponsible and downright criminal negligence of Congress when it comes to spending. Enough with politics as usual. Enough with career politicians and the swamp putting special interests before the American people. We need to get our fiscal house in order by cutting spending and sticking to a zero based budget. I made aggressive cuts to the budget and streamlined processes as Sheriff. I'll do the same in Congress. Our kid's futures depend on it. 


Our men and women in uniform risk life and limb in service to our country. We owe it to them to ensure they have adequate healthcare services when returning home. Dozens of veterans are committing suicide every day. That is completely unacceptable. We must provide veterans with access to the best mental and physical health services. We must also ensure the VA Healthcare system is running efficiently and serving all veterans who come through the door.

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